In Wellington’s rainy season, every company offering professional roofing services prepares themselves for an influx of leaks, and the damage that results from leaving them alone for too long. Most homeowners are tempted to simply place a bucket underneath a leak while it’s raining, and then leave it to its own devices at all other times.
The problem is, this leads to lots of other issues that will put your health, your home, and your wallet under some serious strain.


In the dark spaces of your walls and ceiling, the dampness from a persistent leak will quickly grow into mould. Mould spreads via dampness and spores, and if you leave a leak alone the spores will eventually drift to other parts of your home, spreading the mould to all corners of the structure, and presenting a major health hazard to all inhabitants.
Respiratory and pulmonary diseases go hand-in-hand with the presence of mould, and the permanent discolouration from black mould is difficult to get rid of.


The purpose of insulation is to fill the airy spaces your home has in its walls and ceiling to prevent heat from readily transferring out or in. If you leave a leak in your ceiling, the water that comes through will permeate the insulation in these spaces. Because water is conductive (it holds heat well), the insulation will no longer work effectively, so your energy bill will see a noticeable uptick.

Structural Integrity

Your insulation and shingles are not the only parts of your home that will see damage from a continuous leak. When water seeps into the timbers that construct the frame of your home, it can cause rotting, bowing and splintering, which is incredibly unsafe.
The frame of your home is designed to hold itself up, but with the damage a leak causes parts of the frame will start to give out, leading to sagging and eventual collapse. This presents a major danger that must be rectified quickly.


Mould, rot, and the promise of a home warmer than the outdoors is enough to attract all kinds of pests. A leak presents an easy doorway for spiders, cockroaches, rats and other vermin to enter your home. Once they’re in, it’s a lot of hassle to get them to leave, so it’s always best to head them off at the pass, and repair the leak as soon as possible.

Your Health

Beyond the potential damage leaks can wreak on your home, there are also the effects they could have on your health. Mould spores, a cold space, dampness and pests are all a sure-fire way to compromise your immune system, thereby resulting in sickness. There have been many cases where individuals—often babies or people with weaker immune systems—have contracted asthma from living in an unhealthy home.
Even though it might seem inconvenient to sort out the leak immediately, the repercussions of leaving it alone are even worse. If you’ve noticed any leaks on a rainy day, wet patches on the walls or ceiling, or even curling shingles on your roof, call in a contractor to take a look. It will save both you and your wallet a lot of pain.

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