Roofing and Coatings have membrane systems to suit most roofing or deck requirements

Taffigard Waterproofing System is a tough liquid applied elastomeric fiberglass reinforced waterproofing membrane based on the latest acrylic resin technology, available in most standard colours, the quick drying water-based membrane is applied in a series of coats and is encapsulating fiberglass reinforced matting to provide a joint less membrane.

Nuraply is a tough reinforced bituminous waterproofing membrane of great strength suitable for light traffic, the membrane is 3mm thick of APP bitumen with a heavy reinforcing layer of non-woven polyester inside Nuraply is laid with heat welded lays. Depending on the job, Nuraply 3P system can be installed as a single layer or as a double layer system. On most residential jobs a single layer is acceptable unless the membrane is inaccessible for any remedial work


Traffigard Roofing - Traffigard Application
Traffigard Roofing - Traffigard Application