Roofing and Coatings understands that making a decision to re-roof your home or commercial property is not to be taken lightly. A full roofing inspection is undertaken to determine what are the best requirement for your roof an a detailed quotation is supplied outlining your requirements for correct materials and warranty details.

New Zealand is a coastal country and different materials are essential to suit our coastal elements Zincalume, Endura or Maxx roofing products, or what profile of Colorsteel is require to suit pitching requirements of your roof.

With having staff trained in Fall Arrest and First Aid, you can rest assured that the project will be undertaken with the utmost of care and responsibility, we understand that the home owner wants their property left as they found it.

There are many roofing profiles and colours from the NZ Steel Endura & Maxx colour range to choose from along with guttering, skylights and roof venting requirements, this is why you should be using Roofing and Coatings’ 20 years of experience to walk you through the correct options for you new roof.

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