Just as snow, hailstorms and windstorms can easily damage your roof, which can unfortunately compromise the interior of your home, it’s best to make sure your roof is strong and secure so that it can handle the rain, and all of the challenges that this can present. From the experts, here are five ways to tell if your roof is winter ready.

Clean and Functioning Gutters

Clean gutters are ideal for keeping your roof winter-ready. Maintenance of gutters is necessary, as they are the main system allowing water to flow off of your roof and away from your house. Just imagine a scenario when your gutter is clogged or broken – the water may back up underneath the metal or tiles and get into the home, causing rot to form throughout the roof and walls. To ensure that this can’t happen, you should make sure your gutters are free from leaves, sticks, and other debris that could lead to water build-up.

Your Sidings Are Working

In addition, if your sidings are warped or cracked, they will allow any built-up water to seep into the house even more easily, so it’s important to check them over for any faults. Damp, mould, and wood rot spread quickly in the winter months, and the last thing you want to do is provide an avenue for them to enter your home through the walls.

A Properly Checked Chimney

Chimneys may present safety issues for homeowners come wintertime. It’s possible that an animal may have built a nest inside of it, or creosote may have built up. Creosote is a highly flammable buildup made from particles left behind after wood burns. It can spark a fire in the chimney that could potentially damage your roof and the rest of the house, so it’s good to keep your chimneys clean from any of these harmful chemical compounds, and make sure no creature is nesting in them during the winter!

Winter-proof your roof today!

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