Roofs are designed to keep the house covered, right from the top to its foundation. However, any act of laissez-faire towards a regular check-up and maintenance of the roof can fetch you more harm than you can bargain. No matter how small a damage looks on the roof, it should not be overlooked as a small leak can turn to a multi-thousand cost-of-repair kind of damage. Also, Roof’s failure to protect your house is tantamount to an inability to protect your health. A leaky roof will allow unwanted atmosphere into your home, and consequently, affects your health. Herein, we have highlighted five damaging effects which a roof leak can bring upon your house if care is not taken with immediate alacrity.

1. The emergence of Electrical damage and fire
Through a leaking roof, the chances of electrically-induced fire in an apartment are high. Water will seep through a leaky roof and may get in contact with a live or rat-eaten electrically-active wire; electrical damage is bound to occur. In a severe case, the loss can lead to an electrical fire.

2. The occurrence of Stained Walls and Ceiling
When water is allowed to penetrate your house gently, it moves on the ceiling and by the wall. The movement can change your wall’s color and design, likewise the ceiling too. A stained ceiling or wall is not always appealing or wanted in any house.

3. Damaged Decking and Attic
Regular water seeping into your house’s decking will only cause one thing to it; damage. It weakens the covering, and also, if the leaky roof is allowed to continue for a while, it will affect your attic zone.

4. The growth of Mildew and Mold
In case you ask how a leaky roof can affect your health. The growth of these two wall-growing fungal disease plants is the reason. When water penetrates into your house through the roof, it moves on the wall, and establishes a good environment for mildew and mold to grow. For those who are allergic to these plants, it can cause a severe health issue in a short time. Also, you will be asked to move out, to renovate the house and get rid of these plants.

5. Weakening of Foundation
One of the crucial functions of a roof is to allow water to fall off the house in a manner that will not affect the house’s foundation. However, a leaky roof will lose such value. As water drips from the roof’s hole, it tends to create a pool of water around the house. This pool will sink beside the house and penetrate into the foundation layer, and consequently weakens the foundation’s strength. Such damage can be life-threatening.

On a final note, heavy damage to a roof usually starts from small defects. When such small defects are seen and taken care of on time, the roof’s integrity to protect the house is automatically restored. Hence, a regular check-up of your roof is advised to save your house, and most importantly your life from heavy damage.